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Areas of expertise in brief:

  • Database development
  • Data migration, clean up and conversion
  • Web page design and hosting
  • Presentations using PowerPoint
  • Hardware/Software support and installation
  • Placement of talented IT personnel


  • Microsoft Access and VBA
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle and Developer 2000
  • Visual Basic and VB Script
  • Java and Java Script
  • HTML, ASP and Front Page
  • Other Microsoft Office products

Pentapro Technologies

In today's globally competitive market and dynamic technology environment,you need information management solutions that maximize your technology investments and keep pace with your evolving computer environments.

Pentapro Technologies brings expertise in unifying your computing resources in a cooperative environment that makes information readily available to the people who need it. Nothing is more frustrating, than having information that clients cannot get or information that is too slow to access. Our developers have extensive, real world project experience in design, development, testing and deploying simple to very complex applications.

During the analysis phase, they make best use of all available data and information by analyzing your procedures and objectives. They have analytical skills to logically break down all the possible solutions and select the best solution for the problem at hand. These solutions are not 'quick fixes' to the problem, but permanent solutions, which also serve future purposes. Should a need arise to improve the client's business by enhancing the business rules, our developers will inform the client. Working closely with your business experts, Pentapro Technologies can quickly transfer technical knowledge to your staff. This proven approach provides your staff with the critical skills required to maintain and support the completed system. Pentapro Technologies is committed to providing our clients with reliable, high-quality software solutions that help them meet information challenges head-on. Our goal is to provide easy, affordable, efficient, flexible and extensible solutions that are tailored to each organization's requirements.

What We Do

Pentapro Technologies is a solution oriented consulting company, started by a team of qualified and committed professionals with vast experience in IT industry. Our team has in-depth technical and design expertise with highest standards of programming quality. Our developers bring a wealth of critical design and management experience in single user and Client/Server database development environments. Most importantly, we have experience to understand the client's business requirements and translate this information into data models using the latest tools. Then we develop an application that is user friendly, simple to use, flexible and extensible to future requirements. We are not just database developers, we deliver expert databases and web development so that you can take full advantage of the never-ending opportunities the Internet has to offer. We aren't web designers trying to be database developers or database developers trying to be web designers - we are BOTH. Pentapro Technologies

Pentapro Technologies main focus in custom software development, which includes database and web applications, with latest technology under one roof.

Database Development

PentaproTechnologies provides consultation services to develop specific programming and implementation of simple to comprehensive / complex software applications. We can develop single user or multi user Client/Server database applications and intuitive user interfaces for easy access to enterprise data. Pentapro Technologies can develop a professional application or enhance an existing application to perform better without losing existing data. We extend our efforts to successfully migrate the existing data (whether in text format or simple spreadsheets or tables) to a new database. Though our goal is to provide an efficient system and not re-define business rules, in an application development scenario an occasional minor change is required to the existing system. These changes will be constructive, improve the business and be cost effective. Quality assurance is a major part of our application development cycle. After integrating all the application components, w test the appliction in detail to make sure that it is free from technical and business rules defects. Technical communications are often the last items considered during customized project discussions. Any project without user manuals or tutorials will lead to a long learning process for the user. We have skills and tools to design and prepare quality technical documents and can provide user reference manuals, training, demos and support for our applications.

Internet Development

Pentapro Technologies provides services in consultation, specification, design, develop, programming and implementation of simple to complex Internet/Web applications using the latest tools. We can start a project from scratch and develop a professional web application or enhance an existing application. We focus our attention on serving the business community and proving to you that the Internet is truly one of the best business tools available in today's society. A custom web site means a whole New World of advertising and interacting with your customers. Our web page designs are unique with excellent graphics and text interfaces that attract people and make them feel comfortable so that they keep visiting your web site again and again. The design of your web site is not only important as far as visual presentation is concerned. The technical design is the most important aspect. This is where codes are embedded which make it possible for your web site to be found by search engines.

Pentapro Technologies can provide your company with a personal and customized domain and sub-domain name. This will not only help your customers remember your email and web site addresses easily, but will also help in your company's free advertisement. Let Pentapro Technologies create and maintain a professional web site for your company and start enjoying the benefits of the Internet.

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