Pentapro Services

Database Development

Pentapro Technologies main focus is custom software
development, which includes database and web applications, with latest technology under one roof.

Pentapro Technologies provides consultation services to develop specific programming and implementation of simple to comprehensive/complex software applications. We can develop single user or multi user client/server database applications and intuitive user interfaces for easy access to enterprise data.

Pentapro Technologies can develop a professional application or enhance an existing application to perform better without losing existing data. We extend our efforts to successfully migrate the existing data (whether in text format or simple spreadsheets or tables) to new database.

Though our goal is to provide an efficient system and not re-define business rules, in an application development scenario an occasional minor change is required to the existing system. These changes will be constructive, improve the business and be cost effective.

Quality assurance is a major part of our application development cycle. After integrating all the application components, we test the application in detail to make sure that it's free from technical and business rules defects.

Technical communications are often the last items considered during customized project discussions. Any project without user manuals or tutorials will lead to a long learning process for the user. We have skills and tools to design and prepare quality technical documents and can provide user reference manuals, training, demos and support for our applications.

It's our dedication to excellence and details that eases the transition from existing system to the new system. Our ultimate goal is not only to create and develop systems, but also to make a critical difference to our client's business. We guarantee that our application willmake your job much easier.

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